Introducing MasterCard SecureCodeTM

Protect yourself with your own private SecureCodeTM

Using the latest 3 Domain (3D) Secure security solutions, MasterCard SecureCodeTM helps to protect you against the unauthorized usage of your Bank Islam MasterCard while shopping online. Each time you want to pay for an online purchase with your Bank Islam MasterCard, this program will enable Bank Islam to confirm in seconds only the genuine cardholder is performing the online transaction. It's easy to enrol and use.

   Step 1 : Register your personal SecureCode

For registration purpose, you need to have your Bank Islam MasterCard number, name on the card, your new NRIC and Internet Access (which is the last 6 digit of your new NRIC).Then, create a personal SecureCode that only you know. Once your SecureCode is created, you can immediately shop online at all participating online merchants.

Step 2 : Shop at participating merchants

Look for the SecureCode logo at all participating online merchants. (Check our merchant listing page to view all SecureCodeTM participating/ new merchants and their latest offers)

Step 3 : Confirm your identity with SecureCode

Every time you enter your Bank Islam MasterCard® payment information at a SecureCode online merchant, Bank Islam will automatically prompt for your SecureCode to authenticate your purchase. Within seconds your identity is confirmed and your purchase is completed. The merchant will never have access to your SecureCode.

With the 3 Domain (3D) Secure security solutions, it is safe and convenient for you to make online purchases, while enjoying merchants' services and offers worldwide. Besides mitigating internet credit card fraud, the SecureCode program creates trust and security for both Bank Islam cardholders and the participating merchants.

 Having PEACE OF MIND with your online purchase

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